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Exclusive Transportation: Top 3 Reasons to Choose Us

Discover reliable transportation solutions in Estrella Mountain Ranch, Goodyear, AZ. Learn about our safety measures, fueling connections, and commitment to excellence. Explore Exclusive Transportation today!

Choose our shuttle service for unparalleled excellence in Goodyear transportation.

Exclusive Transportation Services (ETS) provides exceptional experiences focusing on commitment to reliability, professionalism, and personalized care. Our focus on secure, comfortable, and customized travel experiences sets us apart.

With a six-year presence in the Phoenix West Valley Area, ETS has become the preferred choice for shuttle service excellence that consistently surpasses expectations, and our exceptional team of drivers upholds the highest quality standards.

Elite Transportation Drivers

At Exclusive Transportation Services, we’re not just a business; we’re a trusted partner!

About us goodyear transport unbeatable drivers
About us goodyear transport unbeatable drivers
Carol Prelog

Owner - Driver

About us goodyear transport unbeatable drivers
Kyle Johnson

Team Mgr - Owner

About us goodyear transport unbeatable drivers


About us goodyear transport unbeatable drivers


About us goodyear transport unbeatable drivers


About us goodyear transport unbeatable drivers

Driver - Dispatch

About us goodyear transport unbeatable drivers
ETS Dispatch

Open Position

About us goodyear transport unbeatable drivers
ETS Driver

Open Position

Goodyear’s trusted transportation partner

Our Shuttle Service Convenience by Design with Unmatched Standards Hassle-Free is the go-to choice for private transportation services! Focused on upscale travel options, we are consistently growing our collection of top-tier vehicles to elevate your journey.

Redefining a Friends and Family Business Approach in Transportation

Standing out from traditional ride-share, taxi, and luxury black car services, Exclusive Transportation in Goodyear puts safety and dependability at the forefront. Our mission is to bring back the intimacy of personalized transportation within the local community by delivering tailor-made solutions. With a focus on being on time and trustworthy, we assure a safe and punctual travel experience for you and your loved ones. 

Our commitment lies in accommodating your specific needs to foster a deeper sense of community spirit. By enhancing accessibility within our neighborhood, we strive to assist all individuals in reaching their destinations safely, comfortably, and promptly. As part of your local network of acquaintances, allies, and kin, we are dedicated to establishing a resilient community bond focused on meeting your transportation demands.

Our Vision

Striving to enhance your travel experience, our transportation company is devoted to surpassing your expectations across all service facets. Our skilled drivers are dedicated to furnishing secure and dependable transportation while adhering to utmost professionalism standards. Recognizing the significance of meticulousness, we extend our efforts to guarantee a smooth and cozy journey with us. Rely on us for consistent excellence whenever you opt for our services.

Our Mission

In upholding our mission, our primary focus is on maintaining a 'friends and family business approach.' We are committed to keeping our prices accessible as we extend our services to the West Valley. ETS is more than just a company; it is a service requested by our friends, family, and the Estrella community. Hence, our fundamental rates will never surpass the essential operational expenses, and they will consistently reflect the requirements of our drivers, insurance, and overhead.

Safe Ride
Quality Service
Happy Passenger
Affordable Pricing
About us goodyear transport safety
Stringent Safety Measures for Peace of Mind

We specialize in delivering exceptional transportation solutions, guaranteeing a premium service. Our meticulous policies and procedures, continuously improved since 2019, prioritize upholding the utmost quality and safety measures.

Here at ETS, we prioritize excellence. Our devoted team comprises individuals who embody our core principles of professionalism and reliability. We extend employment opportunities to individuals capable of maintaining our strict criteria and delivering outstanding service to the Goodyear community.

Our drivers are seasoned road champions. Before hitting the road, they go through comprehensive training that encompasses all facets of safe driving: from defensive maneuvers and recognizing hazards to effortlessly handling vehicle operations. Equipped with this thorough preparation, our drivers adeptly tackle any driving situation or road challenge. Your safety is assured with their expertise, ensuring a smooth journey to your destination.

Eternal Thanks:

Our success is deeply rooted in the incredible community that envelops us. Marking our sixth year milestone, we extend our gratitude for the unwavering support of our friends and family, propelling our growth.

(1) Over 5,000 strong client base, including recurring 2.5k-3k & 500 new clients each year.

(2) Highly acclaimed by over 400 satisfied customers on various platforms.

(3) Providing reliable transportation with 4-7 drivers and strong partnerships with 3 reputable providers.

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Clients Base

Estrella Mountain Ranch

Situated in the picturesque city of Goodyear, Arizona, Exclusive Transportation LLC takes pride in its location near the stunning Estrella Mountains. Our headquarters in this beautiful area of the West Valley positions us centrally, amidst a rapidly expanding and vibrant community. With the current West Valley population standing at many million residents, projections suggest a growth to several millions by 2030, highlighting the region’s economic robustness and high quality of life. By actively participating in this evolving landscape, we gain valuable insights into the diverse transportation requirements of the local population, allowing us to deliver prompt and effective services to our esteemed clientele.

About us goodyear transport Estrella Mountain Ranch

Fueling Connections The Story behind Carol Prelog

Carol Prelog, the driving force behind Exclusive Transportation LLC, has solidified her reputation as a prominent figure in the transportation industry. With unwavering commitment to excellence, she has propelled her company to the forefront of the market.

Recognized as the Goodyear Local Businessperson in 2021 and 2022, Carol has raised the bar for private transportation services. Her efforts have earned Exclusive Transportation LLC prestigious accolades, including the West Valley’s Best of the Desert Winner for two consecutive years and the Neighborhood Favorite for 2021–2023.

Through her relentless pursuit of safe, beautiful vehicles and reliability, Carol has taken her company to the pinnacle of the industry, setting unmatched standards for excellence in private transportation.

Unmatched Standards! Fueling Connections About us goodyear transport
Unmatched Standards! About us goodyear transport Estrella Mountain Ranch

The Story of Kyle Johnson: A Family Legacy

Kyle’s advancement within the company features his steadfast dedication to customer satisfaction and deep understanding of Exclusive Transportation’s “friends and family” mission.

Starting as a part-time night shift driver in January 2022, Kyle swiftly distinguished himself through his diligent work ethic and insightful approach. By September, when the acting Team Manager stepped down, Kyle took the initiative to pursue and successfully attain the promotion, earning the endorsement of his colleagues.

His exceptional teamwork, dedication to customer care, and deep understanding of the company’s dynamics paved the way for Kyle to become a co-owner alongside his mother, Carol Prelog, officially making the business a family-owned endeavor by February 2024.