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  • Are ETS drivers highly skilled individuals with specialized training and in-depth industry knowledge?
    • Before being granted a position with Exclusive Transportation, all ETS drivers must complete a rigorous 6-to 8-week training program and a 3- to 6-month probationary term.
  • Does ETS have a low or high driver turnover rate?
    • We have little to no turnover! We currently contract drivers who have over two years of experience as well as those who have up to five years of experience with Exclusive Transportation.
  • Can ETS trust their drivers not to disclose any sensitive information clients may discuss during the ride?
    • Since 2019, no one has made any complaints about drivers sharing information they should not.
  • Does ETS have a fleet of luxury vehicles designed to fulfill different purposes and group sizes?
    • Yes, we currently have four SUVs ranging from 3 – 6 passengers and subcontract with two other businesses that provide ETS additional drivers and vehicles that cover 7 – 10 passengers.
  • How often does ETS maintain their vehicles?
    • All drivers must get a 19-point inspection from a licensed service provider before starting training. Any issues found during the inspection need to be reported and fixed. After being contracted, each driver must maintain their vehicle according to the manufacturer’s standards based on mileage. They must provide copies of maintenance records to the office.
  • Have their vehicles passed the relevant safety and emission tests?
    • Absolutely – all our vehicles undergo stringent safety and emissions testing before hitting the road. We prioritize your well-being and environmental impact above all else. Rest assured, any ride you take with us meets or exceeds industry standards for a smooth, secure journey that doesn’t compromise safety.
  • Are they relatively “green”, or do they boast a long tradition?
    • ETS has been in business for over 8 years, boasting a solid tradition in the industry. As a company that had steadily growth even during covid and started operating under Uber/Lyft in 2017 is a clear sign they provide valuable services that meet customer needs.
    • Our longevity demonstrates a commitment to excellence and ability to adapt to changing market demands over time. With such an established history in the West Valley area, ETS has likely refined and optimized our services, making them a trusted choice for clients.
  • ETS was the first private transportation provider in 2018, originally called EC Exclusive Services doing business as “Exclusive Transportation”. They were licensed by the City of Goodyear, permitted by ADOT as a livery service, and carried commercial insurance as required by state regulations. From the start, ETS established itself as a legitimate transportation company operating within the bounds of the law.
  • In 2019, Exclusive Transportation (DBA ETS) branched out to become its own fully-fledged provider with contracted drivers. This move allowed the company to streamline operations and offer more personalized transportation services tailored to client needs. With a dedicated fleet and professional drivers, ETS could now directly manage quality control and ensure a consistent, reliable experience for customers.
  • ETS had a transportation monopoly in the West Valley until 2022 when Desert Sky Express entered the market. This new competitor gave ETS drivers more job opportunities through our subcontracting deal. DSE brings fresh competition and options for consumers seeking alternatives to our service area.
  • ETS is transparent with pricing, to an almost excessive degree. Whenever there’s a pricing change, they make sure to notify all clients with detailed explanations for why the adjustment is happening. No need to wonder – ETS lays it all out clearly.Is their pricing system clear and free of hidden expenses?
  • When you book their service, will you know exactly what you’re getting for your money?
    • When booking our service, you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for upfront. Our system provides detailed pricing based on location, using geolocation tech to pinpoint your spot. It breaks down costs by vehicle type, mileage rates, and any fees – so there are no surprises. The base rate and all extras are clearly listed, letting you make an informed decision before confirming.
  • Do they provide free quotes to their clientele?
    • There are no hidden costs or extra charges for quotes, travel time, or delays. You pay a flat, transparent rate for the service provided, nothing more. The price you see is the price you get, period. No surprises or nickel-and-diming. It’s a straightforward, hassle-free transaction.
    • We don’t harass client’s once quotes are sent – that’s not how we operate. The turnaround time is clearly explained, so clients know what to expect.
  • Can you get these quotes quickly, or is there a waiting period?
    • ETS provides free quotes to clients within 1-12 hours of submission.
  • ETS clients book services through an online form that’s quick and straightforward. It shows pricing upfront for different vehicle types, making the process hassle-free. Clients simply pick a service, enter their details, and they’re all set – no complex steps or hidden fees. The user-friendly booking system is designed to save time while providing transparency.
    • Booking is also available on-demand. If you book 25 hours or more in advance, the system will let you know if we can provide services at the requested date and time. For bookings within 24 hours, the system will treat it as a quote request to ensure we have an available vehicle and driver.
  • Is this form available in a mobile-friendly version?
    • Sure, our booking system is mobile-friendly. You can easily access the customer portal to revise travel plans, download completed travel documents, or process payments – all from your phone or tablet.

Requirement for Tracking Travel: To ensure efficient service and accurate tracking of travel arrangements, it’s mandatory to provide the airline name and corresponding flight number when making a reservation with Exclusive Transportation LLC (ETS).

Importance of Airline and Flight Information:

1. Mandatory Submission

Clients are required to provide their airline name and corresponding flight number during the reservation process.

2. Enforced Compliance

Effective January 01, 2024, all new reservations made with Exclusive Transportation LLC (ETS) necessitate the inclusion of the airline name and corresponding flight number to secure the booking.

3. Special Circumstances

In rare cases where flight details are not immediately available at the time of booking, clients are encouraged to promptly update this information via direct contact with ETS.

4. Advance Submission

This information should be submitted at the time of reservation booking to facilitate effective planning and coordination.

5. Client Notification

Clients will be informed during the reservation process regarding the mandatory requirement for providing airline and flight details for travel tracking purposes.

6. Communication Channels

Clients can contact Exclusive Transportation LLC (ETS) through the designated contact points, reply to the booking email, or input information in the special request or notes block while booking.

 7. Airport codes
PHX = Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
AZA = Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport

Methods for disseminating information about airports “Notes block,” “Special request,” or “Contact us form” when making a reservation. After review, we will update the reservation!

The client can always log in and view their travel schedule in full.

 1. Confirmation Emails and Texts:

  – Confirmation of booked services pending review.

  – Notification upon completion of reservation.

  – Payment reminders.

2. Text Notifications:

  – A 24-hour reminder of scheduled travel plans via text.

  – Driver’s introduction between 4-6 PM (AZ Time) the day before travel via text.

  – A 1-hour reminder of scheduled travel plans via text.

3. Group text messages will include: Driver introductions are sent the day before travel between 4 – 6 PM

  – (1) Owner at 301-536-6993

  – (2) Manager at 480-769-3669.

  – (3) Client.

  – (4) Driver.

  – All messaging will be conducted via the group text for effective communication only!

4. Dispatch Text Message Protocol:

– Dispatch text messages will include communication from the following sources:

  – (1) Exclusive Transportation Dispatch.

  – (2) Moovs System.

5. Identification of Exclusive Transportation Dispatch:

– All messaging sent from ETS Dispatch will explicitly indicate it’s from Exclusive Transportation Dispatch communication through this system. Messages not identified as such may not be visible to anyone.

6. System-Generated Messages:

– Please refrain from replying to this system as it generates messages that exist within the IT space and may not reach intended recipients.

  • One of the biggest advantages of using private transportation is the ability to personalize your trip exactly how you want it. With a trusted driver at your service, you’re in complete control of your schedule and itinerary. Want to make an unplanned stop? No problem. Need to alter your route on the fly? Easy. Your driver will cater to your every need, ensuring your travel experience is tailored to your specific preferences. Say goodbye to the constraints of public transit and hello to a seamless, customized journey that revolves around you.
  • Can they provide you with service extras such as food and drink?
    • Sure, our drivers can pick up food, drinks, or any other items you need along the way. Just let us know what you’d like, and we’ll make the necessary stops to grab it for you. No problem at all – we’re happy to go the extra mile to ensure your journey is as convenient and comfortable as possible.
  • What about child seats or accessibility options for sick, disabled, or elderly individuals?
    • ETS doesn’t provide child seats, but each driver is happy to pick up or return any required child seats for your travel needs. For sick, disabled, or elderly individuals, the drivers will accommodate any accessibility requirements as able to ensure a comfortable journey.
  • Do they offer meet-and-greet and curbside-pickup options?
    • Yes, we offer meet-and-greet and curbside pickup options. Our booking system tracks your flight details and coordinates with our drivers. This ensures your driver arrives at the airport when you do, hassle-free. No waiting around or stressing about finding your ride.
  • When you land, your driver will contact you with their ETA to the airport or pickup details. We’ll also send you a driver’s intro with contact info the day before, so you can reach out to all directly if needed. Our booking system helps locate your driver too. If you can’t get ahold of them, call Owner Carol at 301-536-6993 (M-F 3am-5pm), Manager Kyle at 480-769-3669 (M-F 4pm-9pm), or Dispatch at 480-769-3669.
  • We monitor all flight statuses in real time for all airport pickups. If your flight is delayed, or arrives early, we adjust the pick-up time accordingly to ensure your driver is there when your flight lands. There is no need for you to contact us to inform us about flight delays. However, if your flight is cancelled or you miss it, please contact us as soon as possible to adjust your booking accordingly.
  • We accept various forms of payment including credit cards, debit cards, and cash. You can pay at the time of booking or directly to the driver.

**Credit Card Payments: **

 – All credit card payments incur a 4.0% – 7.0% processing fee and are processed through your personal account.

**Cash Payments: **

– Cash payments are to be made directly payable to your Driver.

**Zelle & Venmo Payments: **

 – Zelle payments are to be sent to [email protected], processed to the business account holder, Exclusive Transportation.

– Venmo payments should be directed to @EXCLUSIVETRANSPORTATION.

**Important Note: **

– Clients must inform the office via email at [email protected] or contact Dispatch regarding alternative forms of payment. This action is necessary for processing the credited amount for the reservation. Otherwise, the credit card on file will be charged.

– Credit cards are securely held on file upon booking. ETS will only charge them if mandated by our “Terms & Conditions.”

– Exclusive Transportation LLC (ETS) retains the right to establish, remove, consolidate, and revise prices, fees, taxes, and surcharges for services obtained through Exclusive Transportation LLC / (ETS) and Provider Services at any time.

– ETS may apply fees, taxes, or surcharges for accessing Exclusive Transportation LLC and making reservations. These fees are variable and may include charges from third parties, such as enterprise customers or governmental authorities.

– All fees charged by Exclusive Transportation LLC (ETS) are non-refundable unless otherwise determined by ETS.

– Fees charged by Exclusive Transportation LLC for Riders may encompass:

– Service Fees, Reservation Fees, Booking Fees, or Processing Fees related to specific ETS Services or Reservations.

 – Cleaning or damage fees may apply for negligent acts causing intentional vehicle dirtiness or damage, subject to verification by ETS before charging fees.

 – Cancellation or no-show fees may apply for reservations, and repeated instances could lead to account suspension or deactivation at ETS’s discretion.

– Additional fees like Late Night/Early Morning surcharges, third-party fees (e.g., airport, state, or local fees), and applicable taxes mandated by law will also be collected.

 – Tip % determination for drivers can be decided by you using ETS Services, and on certain trips, ETS may impose a tip % fee for the Driver. All tips given through ETS Services go entirely to the Driver and are not retained by ETS.

 – A 30% non-refundable deposit is mandatory for all other transfers (P2P Transportation – Concerts, Special Events, Girls Night out, Dinners, Night on the Town, etc.).

– Additionally, a urgent and/or last-minute booking fee may be applied for reservations made within a short window before the scheduled service.

• Refund Policy – Canceled Transfers Account Credit ONLY

Cancellation refunds will be credited to your account for future use, excluding fees.

As stated in the Terms & Conditions Policy:

– Full Credit refund if cancelled more than 72 hours prior to scheduled trip.

– 50% Credit refund if cancelled more than 48 hours prior to scheduled trip.

– 25 % Credit refund if cancelled more than 24 hours prior to scheduled trip.

– No refund if cancelled less than 24 hours prior to scheduled trip.

– In accordance with our cancellation policy, prepaid orders will now be credited to your account for future use upon cancellation. Only the base rate and tip are credited back to the client; fees are excluded from this process.

 – Our ETS Drivers advocated for the “72, 48, and 24 Hr” policy to maintain schedule integrity. Depending on the timing of your order and cancellation, it could disrupt their schedules or hinder prompt reassignment.  Exclusive Transportation LLC has agreed to this policy due to the logistical planning required to fulfill all client requests. All parties involved are bound by the “no exceptions to this rule” standard upon confirmation. 

Our pricing is based on the type of vehicle, distance traveled, and time of day. You can get an estimate by filling out our online booking form.

We provide airport transportation to and from all major airports in the area. 

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport Estimates:

  • Estrella to PHX:  STD Base Rate = $85.00 – $90.00 
  • Goodyear to PHX:  STD Base Rate = $95.00 – $100.00 
  • Buckeye to PHX:  STD Base Rate = $98.00 – 102.00 
  • Avondale to PHX:  STD Base Rate = $80.00 – $90.00 
  •  Litchfield to PHX:  STD Base Rate = $80.00 – $95.00 
  •  Waddell to PHX:  STD Base Rate = $98.00 – $105.00 
  •  Surprise to PHX:  STD Base Rate = $110.00 – $125.00 
  •  Other West Valley Locations to PHX:  STD Base Rate = $80.00 – $300.00


 Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport Estimates:

  • Estrella to AZA:  STD Base Rate = $125.00 – $140.00
  • Goodyear to AZA:  STD Base Rate = $130.00 – $150.00
  • Buckeye to AZA:  STD Base Rate = $140.00 – $160.00
  • Avondale to AZA:  STD Base Rate = $120.00 – $135.00
  •  Other West Valley Locations to AZA:  STD Base Rate = $120.00 – $300.00


We provide Point-to-Point transportation to and from all event locations in the area. 

Event Location Estimates:

Golf Club of Estrella is the estimated address location:   

– State Farm Stadium: STD SUV Round Trip = $140.00 – $175.00

– Footprint Center: STD SUV Round Trip = $175.00 – $195.00

– Chase Field: STD SUV Round Trip = $190.00 – $210.00


PebbleCreek Tuscany Clubhouse is the estimated address location:

– State Farm Stadium: STD SUV Round Trip = $110.00 – $140.00

– Footprint Center: STD SUV Round Trip = $148.00 – $170.00

– Chase Field: STD SUV Round Trip = $152.00 – $175.00


Verrado Golf Club is the estimated address location: 

– State Farm Stadium: STD SUV Round Trip = $160.00 – $195.00

– Footprint Center: STD SUV Round Trip = $186.00 – $206.00

– Chase Field: STD SUV Round Trip = $195.00 – $205.00.00


Let’s discuss a few points. Our aim is to deliver an amazing journey to you, the customer! You ask, but why? Since it’s your reservation, why shouldn’t you get to have your way? How can we go about doing this?

We do this by providing you with a single driver and an open return option. Regardless of how long it takes—an hour or five—your time is valuable, and once a price is agreed upon, it won’t change. Furthermore, you won’t be charged by the hour—rather, we’ll bill you per mile to transport you to and from your location, plus an additional sum to reserve your driver for as long as you need them. Our job is to give your event plans purpose. It is not your responsibility to drive, deal with driving, or worry about friends and family.

If you would like more information about our point-to-point reservations, submit your request for a price or give us a call.

Estrella is still receiving base rate savings of $85.00 compared to the Goodyear cost of $95.00 plus additional fees.

**Base Rate Calculation (Geotagging/Zip Code):**

– With the transition to our new booking system, our monthly expenses have increased from $99.00 to $179.00.

– Average credit card processing fees through Moovs amount to $4.74 per transaction. We’ve processed a total of 1262 transactions, totaling $5,985.19 in fees incurred.

– ETS only charged our clients an average fee of $2.98 per transaction, totaling $3,760.76 as of the EOY date in 2023.

ETS has made a few fee modifications because of the higher costs incurred.

**Fee Adjustment and Notification: **

– Effective January 2024, we will be adjusting our processing fees, maintaining compliance within the previously communicated 3% – 5% range, as notified to clients in 2023.

**Continued Fee Structure: **

– Fees Breakdown:

  – Processing Fee (3% – 5%): Variable amount ($x.xx), dependent on the Rate & Subtotal.

  – Booking Fee (2.5%): Remaining unchanged at its current rate.

   – Last-minute Reservation Charge: (2.5 percent – 25 percent) 

depending on when the reservation was requested and if there was less than a 24-hour notice of arrival or departure.

**Average Credit Card Processing Rates by Network: **

– Visa: 1.4% – 2.5%

– Mastercard: 1.5% – 2.6%

– Discover: 1.55% – 2.5%

– American Express: 2.3% – 3.5%

**No Other Alterations Currently in Effect. **

We recommend making a reservation at least 72 – 48 hours in advance to ensure availability.